TigerTurbo Gangstop

TigerTurbo Gangstop


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This is a flat pusher attachment for the TigerTurbo or the HeavyDuty 2. The pushing surface is 12 by 4 inches (30.5 by 10.2 cm). This attachment's reach is 20 inches (50.8 cm) beyond the leading edge of the carriage it is attached to. GSX-TT/HD2 orders must specify a left-handed or right-handed orientation. Left-handed means that the positioner is to the left of the integrated tool (a TigerTurbo to the left of a drill press, for instance).  

NOTE: This part is only compatible with machines built from 2018 to present. For older machines, please contact TigerStop's Customer Service Department: service@tigerstop.com 

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