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TigerMeasure is a small sensor that is mounted between your TigerStop positioner and your cutting tool. TigerMeasure emits infrared light and then detects the light reflected from your material. The TigerMeasure feature activates when you are running a push feed or pattern style cut list. Instead of manually entering your stock length, TigerMeasure will automatically find the stock length at the beginning of the list. This makes it much faster to process random length material, such as scrap and remnant pieces, quickly and accurately. 

TigerMeasure works with both the standard controller (CON5) as well as the TigerTouch Tablet Package (TABLET-PKG). However, you may need a Software Upgrade to use TigerMeasure with TigerTouch (requires amplifier version 5.62). 

*NOTE: TigerMeasure is only compatible with the AIK2, NOT the SIK. 

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