tigerspc miter jaws
tigerspc miter jaws
tigerspc miter jaws
tigerspc miter jaws

TigerSPC Miter Jaw Set


Regular price $295.00

TigerSPC is a statistical process control caliper set designed to be attached to the TigerStop table system with working lengths from 0-16 feet.The calipers can be equipped with a selection of both standard and custom attachments that allow it to be specifically configured for your set of critical quality control measurements. 

The Miter Jaws (MJ) allow the operator to measure the long side of miter cut pieces.This item comes with two jaws.  

There are additional attachments available including:

Mullion/Muntin Half Lap Jaws (HJ) allow operators to measure the center to center distance between two half lap joints.

The Flat Jaws (FJ) allow operators to measure the distance between flat parts.

Swivel Block Attachment (SBA) allows operators to measure from hole center to hole center. It also swivels and can attach to other jaw accessories without losing its reference point. 

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