tigerstop io panel
cc5-10 cable
tigerstop io panel
cc5-10 cable

I/O Panel


Regular price $999.00

The I/O panel interfaces with peripheral devices including barcode scanners, printers, clamps, and Standard Interconnect Kits (SIK). The I/O Panel can be used with TigerStop, TigerFence (and SLR), TigerCrossCut, TigerTurbo, TigerRack, and HeavyDuty 2. The I/O panel is compatible with the Controller (CON5) and Amplifier (AMP6), and cannot be used with older electronics.  This part ships with a 10-foot (3.0 m) version 5 controller cable (CC5-10).  

Please note the following about ordering this item:  

  • I/O panel orders require the serial number of the machine that will receive the electronics. Please send this information to orders@tigerstop.com. This I/O Panel cannot be shipped otherwise. 
  • Failure to use the I/O panel with the specified serial number can result in software compatibility issues. Learn how to locate your serial number in the below video.  
  • If you still have questions about ordering this part, please contact service@tigerstop.com for further information. 

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